I grew up in Eugene, OR, with a dark room in my basement and was clicking shutters and rotating flash bulbs when I was only a few years old. I photograph simply because I love it.

       While I am drawn to nature and abstract forms, I hold an affinity for, and like to experiment with, all types of photography. From street to portraiture, cyanotype printing to RAW editing, the joy of capturing light holds no limit for me.

       Working as a Wildland Firefighter allows me to practice my craft in an intense environment and to document scenes rarely glimpsed by most people. This has become the true meeting of my passions.

       My hope is that my art will strike a chord with others and that they share in the richness and fulfillment that it provides me. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my photos.

       Eli Espinoza Goodman
  1. Maestro